Long Story Short Podcast w/ Alex Johnson

Ever notice how most people who say "long story short" and then keep rambling on? A mentor of mine always does this and it cracks me up. People also joke that if your friend talks too much you should start them a podcast...well I'm that friend.

I have been listening to podcast since high school when I started becoming a fan of Bill Simmons, who at the time was one of the first to really popularize pods and was writing Page 2 for As a major sports fan I can't get enough content these days. Today I listen to close to a dozen podcasts, including:

  • The Bill Simmions Podcast

  • The Ryen Russillo Podcast

  • ESPN's Fantasy Focus Football Podcast

  • The Herd w/ Colin Cowherd

  • The Ringer NFL & NBA Shows

  • Flying Coach

  • The Fantasy Footballers

  • The Woj Pod

  • Book of Basketball 2.0

  • Joe Rogan

  • The Rewatchables

Most of these are from Bill's company The Ringer, who recently sold to Spotify. After years of listening to hundreds of pods I finally decided to start my own.

So this Iowa farm kid, now business professional in San Diego, interviews friends, family, musicians, celebrities, athletes, business experts, thought leaders, and anyone else I can find! I've working within sports & entertainment over the last 10 years focusing on growing a vast network. Long Story Short was created to share those experiences to educate and hopefully, entertain!

You can find them on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or anywhere you listen.

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